Who Am I ?

“..how can one know that a problem is trivial until one has taken the time to examine its extent?”- Animal Liberation , Peter Singer. 

I love this quote, it just sums up why I am attempting to understand the relationship between humans and animals especially in Egypt. I am Hana ElSafoury a student who has recently discovered her love for fellow Earthlings and despise for speciesism.I became a vegan (2010) in order to live up to my quest for extending equal moral consideration to fellow species (and all other marginalized group that are affected by the process of animal products’ mass production).


My goal, by writing this blog, is to educate myself about the evolution of the dynamics between humans and fellow species in light of different times and events…. fingers crossed !

I have started this blog in 2011, I have kept every post no matter how different my current views are. So, please look at this blog as a representation of my learning curve when it comes to the subject. Also, feel free to contact me if you disagree with any of the opinions expressed or find any of them interesting and worthy of a discussion.

Among the many animal voices in the world whom I completely respect and admire, the people who have most influenced me are: –Gary Yourofsky (his speech at Georgia Tech made me go vegan), –Peter Singer (his animal activists’ bible Animal Liberation) –Dr. Nour Hashish ( he opened my eyes to the process of becoming a vet in Egypt by allowing me to intern at his clinic) –Marlice van Vuuren (the creator of the wildlife orphanage in Namibia) –The Sea Shepherd Paul Watson  (his quotes are very inspiring and his passion for his cause can not be over looked) -Ahmad Bahjat (an Egyptian author whose book Animals in the Glorious Quran takes all the animal stories and rewrites them from the animal’a point of view. The book became a cartoon series that educated a lot of children about why respecting animals is important). And –Lori Gruen (a philosopher who taught me two courses titled “What Do Animals Thing?” and “The Ethics of Captivity.”

Ofcourse, thank you to all who consider the lives of marginalized groups in their decision making!

Have an animal friendly day!


contact: hanasafoury005@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. نادر جداً لما نلاقى حد بمشاعر راقية كدا فى مصر. بما إنك بقيتى نباتية بقى أنصحك بشراء منتجات فول الصويا زى لبن الصويا ودقيق الصويا وجبنة الصويا من وزارة الزراعة بجوار جامعة القاهرة (بس استنى للشهر الجاى لما الأساتذة الموظفين يبدأوا الإنتاج تانى)ـ

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