Cairo Veterinary School

So the dean of the Cairo¬†Veterinary University promised to improve the working ethics with animals and their use in investigations and research. Indeed he keeps his promises and the lectures have started !!! Guess the angry email made a difference after all ūüôā Continue reading

Animal Care In Egypt (A.C.E)

In this blazing heat as I am sitting home checking Ms. Dina Zulfikar’s latest posts to see if there are any petitions to sign or things to learn, I come across this link¬†¬†and through it, I get to know that there is actually an organisation, a British one, called A.C.E that was established in Luxor … Continue reading

Giza Zoo

After adding Ms. Dina Zulfikar as a friend on Facebook, I had access to some more interesting stories about the Egyptian Animals especially those in the Giza zoo. I read this¬†article¬†that talked about how a zoo keeper at the Giza zoo allows some families to go into the animal cages and actually pet them and … Continue reading