A Ray of Light

Today on the 26th of July, I went to my first ever meeting with other animal activists at the General Organization for Veterinary Services  (GOVS) office in Dokki . I met a very interesting young lady who happens to be a lawyer called “Shorouk Genena”,a professional photographer: Khaled El Barky and Dina Zulfikar: an animal activist. … Continue reading

Humans vs Animals

Everytime I tell someone that I am fighting for the animal rights in Egypt, they reply with something along the line of “what about the humans who have no rights” or “priorities miss, care about animals when the humans in this country are all cared for”. Well, to save me some breath, this is my answer … Continue reading

Ils Repondent

A couple of days ago, I sent the International Animal Rescue Organization on Facebook a message saying : “You Save animals from Suffering around the world right ? Well … I am an Egyptian Girl and I witness animals suffering everytime I visit any of the 7Governmental Zoos in my Country!https://egyptiananimals.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/the-seven-governmental-zoos-in-egypt-pain/ <–this link is to my … Continue reading


When I first started this dream of animal aid, I never thought achieving it and helping animals would be hard, I mean how hard can opening a shelter or talking to the government about something that is obviously GOING HORRIBLY WRONG (like the zoos) be. The systems operating in this country are UNFORTUNATELY not that … Continue reading